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November 12-15, 2024


Tickets are on sale now!

Get yours before they are gone. 




New Orleans, Louisiana

Let the countdown begin

until the 2024 Shared Kitchen Summit

Welcome to the Shared Kitchen Summit, hosted by The Food Corridor. This isn’t just an event; it’s the premier gathering spot where the heart of the shared kitchen community beats the strongest. It’s where we all come together to share, learn, and celebrate the incredible work being done in shared kitchens across the country. Many would say it is an experience. 

Shared kitchens are more than just places to cook; they’re vibrant centers that nourish local food systems, boost community prosperity, and open doors for aspiring entrepreneurs and producers. They’re at the forefront of creating jobs, training workers, improving access to healthy food, and supporting our local farmers. They help breathe new life into neighborhoods and even draw in tourists, all while building a more inclusive economy.

A gathering place for the Network for Incubator and Commissary Kitchens (NICK) – the largest network of shared kitchens - and steered by The Food Corridor – the premier technology partner for the industry - this Summit is your golden ticket. It’s your chance to be at the leading edge of the shared kitchen wave, joining hands with a community that’s all about boosting efficiency, sparking growth, and innovating in our local food scenes. You’ll dive into a treasure trove of knowledge, swap best practices, and get your hands on priceless data and technical know-how to not just keep your kitchen running, but to help it thrive and elevate the local food landscape.

We’re inviting you to the Shared Kitchen Summit to be a part of a powerful group that’s shaping the future of the food industry through shared-use kitchens. Together, we can tackle the challenges that shared kitchens face and pave the way for a food economy that’s not just surviving, but thriving. Let’s make a lasting difference, one shared kitchen at a time. Come join us; it’s going to be a fantastic ride!

who is this for?

Copy of FIC (3).png
Food Incubator Administrators and Staff
Copy of Copy of FIC (2).png
Commissary and Shared Kitchen Operators
Industry Service Providers
Ecosystem and Community Partners

a look back...


"Dynamic and engaging-- not your usual conference!"

"Good conversation with great people."

"Honest discussion about challenges, sharing of ideas, range of models represented among speakers and in the audience."


"I loved meeting all the other great folks working in the shared kitchen / incubator space!"

"There was such a variety of views, concepts, and experience. I felt I could find an answer to any question if I found the right person. Everyone was so open and honest, it created a very comfortable environment for sharing. It was also great to be in a room where I didn't have to explain what a food incubator is."

"This was such an incredible learning experience and I am so proud to be part of it."

"This was so valuable to me. The opportunity to hear what others are doing and how their businesses are run was eye-opening. There were so many variations of my small business model that I was not aware of. It inspired me to level up my game!"

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