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Shalou Barth_headshot15s - Shalou Barth.

Shalou Barth

Shalou Barth is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for GhostLine, a purpose-built commercial kitchen facility designed specifically to support local Austin food & beverage businesses seeking scale and efficiencies, as well as community and flexibility. Shalou’s career includes creating the vision for and bringing to market a successful commercial real estate development with an emphasis on food tenants, as well as conceiving and operating a neighborhood Neapolitan pizzeria. As Shalou looked at ways to grow the pizzeria, she encountered gaps as well as opportunities in Austin’s commercial kitchen space, and shortly thereafter the GhostLine concept was born. Shalou’s core passion for entrepreneurship, growth and problem-solving influences all her business decisions and ultimately is what fuels the value she and her team are focused on delivering with GhostLine.

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