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Zac Rheinberger

Zac Rheinberger co-founded the GoodnRaw company which provided healthy snacks from locally sourced items within the region of the production facility in Cleveland Ohio. Upon the sale of the company in 2008 the GoodnRaw was in national distribution at several hundred locations and sourcing 20,000 lbs. of Ohio grown Agg items for its lines of Kale chips, buckwheat granolas and cold pressed fruit and nut bars monthly four to six months a year. Taking lessons learned in locally sourcing for scaled up production Zac has been working with local value added producers( Peaceful Fruits, Randys Pickles, 24Zen Granola, Mustard Seed Markets, Fresh Fork Markets, Shagbark, etc), urban and rural farm systems(Countryside Conservancy, Cleveland Crops, Refugee Response, Lets Grow Akron, Amish Grower Collaboratives, Produce Auctions ect) local food hubs (Oberlin Food Hub, Local Roots Wooster, Stark Fresh, Sanson Co., Etc.) to connect Value added producers with local and regional supply chains to help support, stabilize and grow our local food system.


In 2019, we helped connect over a dozen companies (Central Kitchen, Popes, Randys, Cleveland Kraut, Killik, Mindful Market, Perogi Pantry, Wake Robin, Etc.) with locally and regionally grown products for their value-added production. Averaging about 2500 lbs a week and ranging items from Honey and Maple Syrup to Oats , Black Beans, Lavender, elderberries, cucumbers, sunflower oil and vinegar. All of this helps to create a stable inclusive chain that’s increases use of arable land Farmers have as well a stable supply chain for “seconds” and typically reduces food waste. Zac is currently also working with Case Western Reserve on a healthy food initiative for corner stores in Cleveland while on the advisory boards for Summit County Food Policy Coalition and Rust Belt riders.

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